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Monitoring and Verifying HVAC and other Mechanical systems has been a passion of mine. I realized the only true way to confirm a hypothesis was through testing.  With today's technology it is possible to virtually measure  anything you can set parameters on. 

Through the years algorithms have been developed to calculate efficiencies of HVAC equipment, that can be backed up by actual measurements.  Monitoring can also assist a Plant Engineer, Contractor, Engineer or Equipment Vendor in decision making, by giving them far more information (with some higher degree of accuracy) than they had before.

By combining the increase accuracy in monitoring equipment and the capacity of today's Personal Computer, the sky is the limit on what we can do in the future.

If you have need for this type of service please click on the topics above and e-mail me at .  To see an example of what we can do, please view a typical monitoring project for a Water-Cooled Chiller.



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