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My Farmall 806 Pedal Tractor Restoration

My restored tractor and my son ^

Me and the original  v

This is a photographic record of the restoration of the tractor that I had as a little boy to give to my son (but he cannot play with it much). The tractor is an Ertl Farmall 806 that my father purchased for me in the late 60's, I think he bought a full size tractor too.

I almost sold it in a yard sale a few years back but luckily did not. The decision to restore it was difficult since it was in good shape to start off with, but I wanted to create something that was better than when I found it same as my Mustang.

This was the condition as I had left the tractor in one of the farm buildings.


Note the bottom of the tractor is open with the drive chain exposed.

This would not be allowed today, in-fact I hurt myself on this when I was young.





I first started by taking the tractor apart and photographing it for the record.


Disassembly can be a problem since the bolts may have rusted on.

Then I stripped the paint with an autobody/aircraft paste stripper. Do not use a sandblaster because the grit could deform the casting detail. Be sure to do this in a well ventilated space, and were protective clothing.

Next I tried to coat the rusted (non cast) parts with a rust preventer and a top coat to match the original.

Again this is a project that should be done outside.







Once the project is complete the tractor was reassembled and reproduction decals were applied based on the photos taken earlier.

Since I grew up on a farm, tractors were a parts of my early childhood.   When my son was born, I decided to restore my tractor that I had as a little boy .

I also have started to restore some other tractors that I hope to add to this site latter on.

If you have any old toys in your attic or garage that you want to turn into cash, please drop me a note at with a description of the item(s), condition, color and pictures would be helpful. I typically purchase collections of toys from the 50's, 60's & 70's.....THANKS



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