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showme.jpg (81504 bytes)

The 35 anniversary show in Charlotte, NC April 1999

Ever since I started my interest in Mustangs, back in the early 80's, I have started searching for a pedal car version.  One night I was surfing on ebay auction site and came across the lot of three cars to the left.

These cars were missing a large portion of there parts, but the price was reasonable, and I promised my self (and my wife) to sell at least one to try to recoup some of the cost.

Once the cars were shipped to me from out west I began my journey into pedal car restoration.  Like any other restoration project research is required.   I have come to learn these three car were originally made in Mexico, and are difficult to find parts for.  Therefore, I have decided to "convert" these bodies to use the undercarriage of the original AMF models

I would like to thank Damon at Damon's Mustang Pedal Car Page and the people at Blue Diamond Classics Pedal Cars, Pedal Car Parts, and Pedal Car Graphics have been a great help.


ebay.jpg (15545 bytes)

as seen on ebay

fronts.jpg (12657 bytes)

front and rear views as seen on ebay

mexico.jpg (49826 bytes)

Mexican version as appears in Evolution of the Pedal Car #4



This is a chronological history of the restoration of these three cars:

(Click in the thumbnails to see a bigger picture)

Like most project one of the first tasks is to document what you have Also find a parts car (AMF 505)
all3.jpg (41837 bytes) partscar.jpg (31053 bytes)
The "White" one, was yellow once the paint was removed, has no shifter slot or hole on the front for accessories (Do you know what was to go there?).  This one also had a decal (was damaged with stripper) that indicated it was manufactured by CIA Manufacturing in Mexico. The "Red" on, was green when stripped, was in the best shape.  Unfortunately I thought I could get the headlights in reproduction cheap, and destroyed the old ones, was I surprised once I found them.
white1.jpg (20004 bytes) red1.jpg (16390 bytes)
The "Rusty" one, true red car with different decals,   looked worst than it was.  Most of the rust is surface and was removed/treated easily.  
rusty1.jpg (17147 bytes)  
Difference in the front end of a typical US made (left) and a Mexican made (left).  The height of each of these is different as well as the axle length, because the wheels were narrower and taller on the Mexican version. The rear axle housing is about the same, but the depth again is different as well at the drive wheel method and pedal strap attachments.
frontend.jpg (30431 bytes) rearend.jpg (14990 bytes)
After "White" was partially chemically stripped. "Rusty" with a few holes welded up and primed.
strip.jpg (27933 bytes) weld.jpg (37352 bytes)
MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MORE TO COME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you have any old toys in your attic or garage that you want to turn into cash, please drop me a note at with a description of the item(s), condition, color and pictures would be helpful. I typically purchase collections of toys from the 50's, 60's & 70's.....THANKS

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