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Johnny Express

Johnny Express was an early model remote control vehicle made by the TOPPER company (same manufacturer of the Johnny Lightning die-cast cars).  The tractor trailer came with removable front wheels (what fun it was to "change the tires") and a variety of trailers and loads.

If you have any of this gathering dust in your attic, please e-mail me.

(ABOVE) Me on Christmas 1966 with my favorite toy that year the Johnny Express with the jack and spare tire kit.
(BELOW) Two of my children enjoying my new purchase of a Johnny Express at Christmas 2000

jexmas.jpg (128310 bytes) Click to see a larger picture

Click HERE to see a movie of a working Johnny Express !!!!

JE had many accessories and could make 12 "NEW TOYS"

These are some samples of Johnny Express items. 


JE with remote & tanker
JE Tractor (less mirror & exhaust stacks)
instructions.jpg (183807 bytes) Schematics from the instructions
Liquid Tanker Trailer tanker_box1.jpg (34870 bytes)
Orig. List Price ($6.99) 
liquid_tanker.jpg (43597 bytes)
Reefer Van
reffer_box.jpg (22185 bytes)
Orig. List Price ($7.99) 
reffer_van.jpg (45562 bytes)
Standard Trailer
Reffer Van
Dump Body
Liquid Tanker

conveyor.jpg (41754 bytes)

Orig. List Price ($2.49)

Pipe Kit 
pipe.jpg (39506 bytes)
Orig. List Price ($6.99)

bridge2.jpg (43909 bytes)
Pontoon Bridge
bridge1.jpg (38653 bytes)
Orig. List Price ($5.75)
jemil.jpg (71904 bytes) Troop Carrier with Black Body JE Tractor

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