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One of the nice things about the Internet is its ability to educate and inform. Though it may not seem that spectacular, the reason you clicked on this page was to learn more about GI Joe and the toys that came with him. Through the years I have dealt with hundreds of people, related to toys, all over the world. Like any collector it is my job to educated myself on the subject, and I want to help you.....

One such topic is the ability to spot fake or reproduction products, or ones that were made to sell as competitors during the same time. My parents (and sometimes myself) like most people, would sometimes buy two "no-name" brand items instead of the originals at a higher price. This was especially prevalent with GI Joe items made by Hasbro and the other vendors selling similar products (typically made in Hong Kong).

Hasbro had the copyright to the GI Joe figure mainly based on the fact that he had a scar and his thumbnail was turned inside. A patent was issued related to drawings 3,277,602 and 3,475,042 based on the design and the movable joints.

The inside thumb Copyright on the rear The famous scar on the face Typical tag in original clothing

Below are some example of original Hasbro GI Joe items and some made by other to look similar....

Top Fake - Bottom Hasbro Left Fake Right hasbro Bottom Hasbro Fake
Made in Hong Kong Real GI Joe - Hasbro Top Hong Kong Fake

Reproduction but very nice

Fake Hong Kong Fake Real Hasbro

Of the items above only a few are true Hasbro...can you tell which ones? Put your mouse over the picture to see a tag telling you....

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These are some good reference books for GI Joe
The Complete Encyclopedia to GI Joe (3rd Edition)
Gi Joe: The Complete Story of America's Favorite Man of Action
Gi Joe: Official Identification and Price Guide 1964-1999

If you have some old Hasbro GI Joe items, especially in the original box, you want to sell please drop me a note @ .


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